A Day of Silence – The True Retreat

Silence is the true retreat. It is a way of treating the self and others again and again to the healing qualities of stillness. Just as a still lake becomes a mirror to reflect the beauty of nature, silence reveals the beauty of our original nature. Such silence becomes both a physical and mental healing, the result is coolness and serenity.

Silence is not just a discipline for the soul. It is a very natural stimulating and refreshing state. Silence prevents loss of physical and mental power through fast activity. When the intellect races, the body follows.

Great internal happiness comes to the soul interested in the virtue of introversion. Silence gives such clarity to thought. In this, the “level of surrender” can be seen and how much egolessness has been inculcated. In silence there is an increase in the power of purity – energy is stored in the soul.

In Silence it becomes clear that Maya – body consciousness – is something foreign to me. Maya can be seen to be past falsehood, presenting itself in the clothing of truth. When we are involved we cannot see. So we can’t stand back far enough to view Maya, and thus recognise body consciousness for what it is.
In silence, we can monitor accurately, the effect of each look, each thought, every gesture, every word and the motivation in each action. Also reactions, attractions, repulsions can be noted more clearly and dealt with. The soul then desires to develop one vision for all souls.


Cycles Of Thinking

Even with the best intentions, we can find ourselves stuck in cycles of negative thinking; often, these are caused due to negative self-belief. These cyclic thoughts waste our time, but more often, they are depressing or even destructive, especially if the cycle is due to a deep-rooted lack of self-esteem or self-confidence. Cyclic negative thoughts, by definition, have become a habit.

However, cycles of thinking can be positive too. Some people almost regularly respond to negative situations or events with feelings of optimism and positivity; they see success and are confident. If this is not natural to us, we can train ourselves to respond in this way. To become optimistic we need to create in our mind images of past success and generate a quiet self-assurance. Thus a cycle of positive thinking gets started and will, in time, become a habit.

“Where there is courage there is success.”


When we are involved in a task, we sometimes experience setbacks. Such setbacks often make us lose our confidence and we no longer have faith that we will succeed in the task. We then lose all courage to go ahead with the task and lose every chance of achieving what we have to.


We need to remind ourselves that we achieve success to the extent that we have courage. We need to make effort to maintain our courage even during the most difficult circumstances. Only when we do this will we continue to put in effort, which will bring us success at the right time.

“To be a master means to use at the right time the powers that we have.”


We do have a lot of powers within us which we can use in different situations. But we sometimes find that we are not always able to order the right power at the right time. So, sometimes in spite of having the power within us, we are not able to use it because it doesn’t come to use when we require it.


We need to practice being the master having control over all our inner powers. The more we practice being the master, the more we will find our powers working perfectly under our order. Then we will be able to use the right power at the right time.

“The ones who are detached watch the challenges that come their way as a game. “


There would definitely be many difficult situations that come our way, but if we are detached, we will not become confused. Detachment gives us the power to observe all the situations just as we would observe a game. We would not feel caught up, but will be able to enjoy under all circumstances.


If there is any situation where we feel helpless we need to develop the power of detachment. We should practice looking at the situation just as we would watch a play. Then we can feel light and enjoy the different turns that the situation takes.

“Detachment adds quality to each and every action.”


When we are detached, we will not be bound by the action itself, but will perform the action in a detached way. This means that we perform the action, yet we are not dependent on the fruits of the action. This automatically increases its quality. Then we would be free and uninfluenced by the bondage of the action.


In any situation where we find ourselves doing a lot yet with a feeling of not attaining anything, we should ask ourselves if we are attached to the task at hand. The more we are attached, the quantity of work that we put in increases at the cost of the quality. When we are detached we are able to give our best in all that we do.

“Detachment gives the power to be uninfluenced by desires.”


When we are able to use the power of detachment that is within us, we are able to go beyond the attraction of things even whilst using them. We will be able to be in the consciousness that we are the true masters who use all things as and when needed, while being uninfluenced by them.


When we find ourselves having a desire we should remind ourselves that we are the ones who are the creators of things. So we are the ones who influence and not the ones who are influenced by the creation. This will easily make us detached from the things that we are using.