Learning About Love

As human beings we have the capacity to unite at four levels – physical, mental, intellectual and the spiritual. When we sometimes pick up the thoughts of others and vice versa we experience a unity of thought or a ‘meeting of minds’. This can be love at a mental level. Sometimes we encounter another who ‘feels’ exactly the same as we do, at least they seem to, and so we have a ‘meeting of hearts’. And finally there is the highest form of love or union between two souls. This meeting is not possible unless both souls know and experience themselves as spiritual beings, as souls. Unfortunately, at this time, very few do. Most of us experience ourselves as bodies and consider physical attraction and physical attachment as a form of love. The deepest love is spiritual and it happens when two souls are able to walk in and through each others lives with total freedom. There are no barriers, no expectation, no desire for each other…at all…ever. There is complete transparency and each one is so strong within themselves that no matter what the other may say or do they can never be hurt. Once again this high spiritual destination is not easy to see, let alone reach, simply because our attention and energy has become almost constantly attached ‘down here’ in the physical. All this can be neatly summed up in one question. Do you want to be a rocket or a car? Do you want to continue to mess around down here or raise your conscious awareness up there where the true love is both seen and experienced?


“Commitment makes even the most difficult task seem easy.”


Sometimes we find ourselves having to do something in which we are not so interested, because it is part of our job. When we are forced to do something we don’t like we find it very difficult to do the task. As soon as we get a thought as to why we should be doing it, it becomes very difficult.


We need to bring sincerity in whatever we are doing. With sincerity comes commitment and with that comes confidence in our thoughts, words and actions. With this confidence we will be able to do the most difficult task with ease.

“Where there is enthusiasm, there is the ability to create one’s own fortune.”


When things go wrong, or we don’t seem to get what we are working for we tend to get disheartened and begin to blame our fate. When we get this feeling we can no longer give our best to improve the situation resulting in a lack of progress in our life.


We need to remind ourselves that our fate is in our hands. The main thing is not to become passive just blaming our fate but to work with enthusiasm. The more we work with positivity; we will find ourselves making a very high fortune for ourselves.

“The one who has a strong aim never gives up.”


When working towards our aim we find that we are faced with a lot of obstacles. As soon as a difficult situation comes up we sometimes find ourselves giving up. We then find that we have to restart all over again. Thus we find ourselves wasting a lot of our time and energy.


Before we think of giving up something we started with a lot of enthusiasm we need to remind ourselves with what aim we had started on it. Once our aim is clear in front of us, we need to further strengthen and reinforce it. Then we find that we will not give up whatever we had started till we achieve it.

Reflection (thinking deeply) is a necessary step in digesting knowledge.

Reflection is an exercise of the mind and intellect that goes into the depths of understanding an idea, or realization, or point of knowledge with the aim of practicing it in daily life.

Values in my life are a sign that knowledge has been digested; without this, knowledge simply remains a beautiful aspect, appreciated, interesting information in my intellect but without the ability to give me strength because it is still external; it has not been internalised.

All quality action (quality action is that action which is truly appropriate to person, circumstance and the need of the moment), all newness of perception (understanding), all new insights, or vision, require a space for silent reflection as a preliminary step.

Normally, we are lost in the business of action, its routine and ritual that make our life so mechanical and hence dull and boring, or demanding and hectic.

A mind and intellect that do not give time and attention to reflective silence (meditation) become lazy, though externally there is lots of activity for hours and hours. No new heights are reached because there is no depth of awareness in what we are doing, no reflection on purpose. As a result, we get trapped by routine.

To be dictated to by external situations, which make us run around without stopping internally, brings about unnecessary stress on the mind, which keeps us tied to the strings of the external, like a puppet pulled, pressed and pushed by circumstances.

To break free from this force, to relieve the mind of the weight of stress and waste and routine, I need to step inside and reflect (think) on who I am and where I am going and reassess my value system.

Otherwise, life becomes like a wheel that keeps spinning faster and faster until we become dizzy – we want to get off but it is going so fast we do not know how.

Reflection and taking time to understand spiritual knowledge bring us to the essence of everything

Overcoming Phobias (Fears) Through Meditation

To overcome any phobia, read over silently and visualize the following positive thoughts:

I am a soul, an eternal, immortal and indestructible (which cannot be destroyed) point of life energy……..
Sitting on my throne in the centre of the forehead, I the ruler, perform actions through my body……..
I have incarnated (entered) in this physical body from ‘shantidham’, my incorporeal (non-physical) home, original home of light……..
I am an actor on the huge world drama stage……..
All the other souls are actors too, each acting a unique role through its own individual body-costume……..
This spiritual knowledge makes me detached and fearless……..
Unimportant scenes of the drama that would have previously brought about fear in me no longer affect me……..

Through Rajyoga meditation, the soul can experience all relationships with the Supreme Soul in its day-to-day life. I continue –

I experience receiving powerful vibrations of spiritual might from the Supreme Being……..
I fill my mind with thoughts of courage……..
When the Almighty is my Father, my Mother, my Companion, my Guide, no one can be my enemy……..
Nothing can harm me in any way……..
Fear is wasted energy, it has no power in my life……..
Now I am becoming a bold person and I am capable of facing all fearful situations with increased self-confidence ……..
At the end of the meditation practice, for a few minutes, the patient should create a picture of the fearful situation in his mind, while at the same time learning to relax. This will help him to decrease the anxiety (worry) when he faces the real life situation and he will be able to completely overcome (face) the specific fears.

“When the mind is healthy the body is healthy too.”


When we have some difficulty with our body, we usually find our mind becoming dull, too. When the mind becomes dull we no longer can fight the sickness. It, thus, takes a long time to get well and the time during the sickness seems long and painful.


We need to make sure we keep our mind happy under all circumstances. Where the mind is healthy no illness will attack us. Even when we fall sick we will be able to be stable which will help us to fight back and overcome the illness very soon.

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