Time Management

How often do we convince ourselves that by delaying doing something today, we will have more time tomorrow. This is how we make it ‘seem’ that time is running away from us. And when tomorrow comes the same thing happens – we find another reason, another excuse to postpone. Why do we do this? Because we don’t feel like doing it says one inner voice, because there are more important things to be done says another voice. And a third voice says someone else could do it, should do it, will do it. And yet another voice says ‘it’s not that important’! Are any of these voices speaking the truth, or is there something deeper going on. Procrastination (Delaying) is an obvious form of avoidance, but what is it that we are avoiding? Is it the task itself? Is it the possible outcome which might be less than we expect? Or is it something within ourselves. Procrastination (Delaying) is one way we avoid seeing ourselves, or aspects of ourselves, which we would rather not face, acknowledge, explore, resolve and change.


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