Expressions are forceful.. You cannot hold them…

A white rose with its elegant presence, delicate petals and a pleasing colour reminds you …..
….. that the world around is still so wonderful,
….. that the people are so divine,

and you realise the importance of all the relationships you have in this beautiful world !!!
A yellow rose presenting a sweet image and holding in itself an eye absorbing color imbibes in you …..

….. a sense of belonging,
….. a spirit of joy and security,

that you wish you could take along the whole world with you !!!

A pink rose which is as fascinating in itself forces you to loose hold of yourself to believe …….

….. that you have a fortune,
….. that a fragrant ambience is everlasting,

and you imagine how kind the nature is to you !!!

A red rose with its distinct look and a whole lot of red smily petals do not stop you from realising ………

….. the completeness in yourself,
….. the sense of bliss with mother nature,

and you start to crave for similar kinds of relationships …..

Relationships which are as cute and demanding ;
Relationships which are as caring and understanding ;
Relationships which are as worthy as to crave for ….!!


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