“The one who serves with the balance of the head and the heart is the one who is successful.”


We usually give directions to people when they go wrong. We also use a lot of logic when we give such directions, but it doesn’t always have the desired effect. We then begin to consider the other person to be wrong.


What we need to do is to have a balance of both the head and the heart while giving our suggestions to others. That means we need to have a lot of love while giving our suggestions to them. Then whatever we say will have its effect on them.


Understanding What Is Aura

The mind is the thinking energy of the soul (negative or positive). It is the mental energy, which makes the aura (subtle body) of a person. The soul, situated in the brain, radiates its mental energy to all the brain centers e.g.: hypothalamus (thinking centre), limbic system (centre of emotions and attitudes), frontal cortex (memory centre), respiratory centre, speech centre, visual centre etc., in maximum concentration as these centres are located near the soul. In fact the soul radiates the mental energy to each cell of the physical body. Many scientists world over are now of the opinion that mind is not only located in the brain but each cell of the body has a mind that means the mind/mental energy has the same shape as the physical body, which is nothing but the aura.

Now the aura of a person can be photographed by Kirlian photography. If a person most of the time thinks negative, the aura around him has various shades of white light e.g.: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red or can be black if there is no flow of mental energy. If a person thinks positive most of the time then aura around him is made up of silvery white light. Such a person is liked by all and radiates all the innate qualities of the soul e.g.: purity, peace, love, bliss, power around him. Other people coming in contact with him can feel the soothing effect of these qualities. Good meditators normally have clear white auras.

Kirlian photography has been proving useful in diagnosis of disease in a particular part of body and organ system before the disease becomes clinically visible in the form of signs and symptoms.


The Signs of the Rushaholic

In a global climate of ever-increasing chaos and change, more and more people are adding some kind of relaxation to their daily routine which are full of rush and hurry.

Here is a brief list to check yourself if you have any of the symptoms of hurry addicts:

1. You are always racing the clock and continuously experience a shortage of time.
2. You are always making lists and are trying to do too many things at once.
3. You spend less than 15-20 minutes a day with your family.
4. You are never satisfied with your achievements and your sense of achievement is based on what others think about you.
5. You are always the one to bring the meeting to an end or to walk away first!
6. You eat while reading or watching television.
7. You never relax for more than 5-10 minutes a day and are always tired.

“The ones with pure thoughts experience safety in all situations.”


When there are negative situations, we usually get negative thoughts very easily. Such negative thoughts take us further into negativity. We get caught in this circle of negativity and we then can’t make our thoughts positive.


We need to take care that we don’t blame anyone when we are going through any negative situation. We need to maintain whatever positivity we can in the situation, and we will find our mind changing towards positive too. It is this positivity that acts as a means of safety for us.


Meditate on an external object that holds some symbolic reference for you. You can begin more simply by finding in nature something (real, imagined or illustrated) that holds particular symbolism for you. The symbol can be anything, so long as its associations are positive – you might choose a lake, a mountain, a river or a tree. You can connect with the symbols and use them as reflections of qualities in your own personality. In this way you gain a deeper understanding of the inner self.

Whatever you find in these symbols will have correspondences within yourselves e.g. a lake might represent the quality of peace inside you, a mountain might represent maturity or high self-esteem, a river might represent flexibility (a river changes direction very easily depending on the obstacles in its path), a tree might represent generosity (a tree provides shelter and fruits to mankind), etc.

“True contentment brings contentment to others as much as to the self. “


When we have to do something, we usually do it the way we like. We don’t bother about others and only see if we are happy about it. So we find that others are not content with us although we are happy with what we are doing.


Our actions need to be such that they do not cause sorrow to anyone so we need to check our actions and change them. When we do something in the right way others will be content with us as much as we are.

Self Respect

Self-respect depends on knowing who I am, knowing my eternal (ageless), spiritual self. When I have found that sense of spiritual identity, I feel I have a right to be here, to exist. Without the spiritual dimension, it is very difficult to really respect myself deeply. In this case, I base my respect on identifying with the superficial (artificial) aspects of my being: looks, gender, success, my life partner, my intelligence. With such artificial identification, I will never have a stable sense of self-respect, because people’s opinions change. Today they love me, tomorrow they reject me. What is the result of depending on their opinions? I will end up fluctuating all the time – feeling positive when they say good things, and feeling down when they say negative things. To stay stable in my self-respect, I need to have a deeper understanding of my spiritual identity (the foundation of this being that I am a soul) and tap into those riches that are within me forever, waiting to blossom, like the flower from the seed.

As I become spiritually aware, those riches and resources start flowing out of me. The more stable I am in my self-respect and spirituality, the more I radiate what I truly am. I feel a deep sense of contentment and I am happy to be me, however I am. I accept myself as I am.

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