Meditation – Experiencing My Original Home

In meditation, I focus my mind and intellect on that region which is called by names like “soul world”, “paramdham”, “nirvandham”, “shantidham” and so on. In fact, this is the region where the soul stays, when it has no body. Here the soul stays in the form of a star-like point of light, untouched by matter (five elements including the body). In this world, there exists neither thought, word nor action; just complete stillness, sweet silence and peace. When I first take a physical body, it is from here that I the soul come down into the material world i.e. the earth, which is the field of action.

With the practice of meditation, my third eye (eye of the mind) opens; and I see and experience my original home as an infinite (very large, unmeasurable) world of very subtle (light) golden-red light, situated beyond the physical world of five elements, beyond the sun, moon and stars.

Along with reading over the following words slowly and silently, make a sincere effort to create images of them in the eye of your mind:

I focus myself on the self, the soul, a golden point of light……..
I stay between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead……..
I radiate golden rays of peace, purity and love in all directions……..
In this awareness of I the soul, with the power of my mind I can travel beyond the limits of my physical organs……..
I visualize myself gradually going out from this physical body……..
I, the sparkling star like energy, fly into the night sky……..
I see myself floating above thousands of buildings and lights……..
Slowly I rise higher and higher to enter space……..
I am surrounded by millions of stars and planets……..
Slowly I see myself flying beyond the world of five elements……..
I, the golden star, enter another world, a soft golden-red light world……..
A world of sweet silence and peace……..
full of peaceful light stretching very very far away……..
I feel pure warmth here, surrounded by light……..
I the point of light shine in this sixth element……..
I am free of all tensions, extremely light………
This is where I belong,
This is my home……..
I recognize this place……..
I had forgotten it, but now I have rediscovered it……..

Spend a few minutes in this positive experience and then gradually come downwards to take your seat back in the physical body.


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