Release, Let Go And Be Free

If you don’t let go of the scene, the event, the sounds and the images of other people, whom you mistakenly (incorrectly) believe ‘did you wrong’, if you keep replaying the scene and re-creating your negative feelings, it means you are holding on to it all. Holding on also means you are carrying one huge inner burden. Burdens make life heavy. Holding on means you are just stuck in an inner ‘action replay’ mode, and that only deepens your suffering, driving it deeper into your heart. Isn’t that foolish? Can you give it up and get on with your life?

Here’s the truth of hurt. Well, almost the truth! Every time you think about something hurtful, perhaps something that others said or did, you are only repeating the moment it happened in your own mind. Let’s say you think about it 99 times. The other person only said or did what they did once. But you have done it over and over again in your head 99 times, so who is hurting whom here? You are hurting yourself.


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