Self Empowerment

To empower (strengthen) and help others is to empower yourself. The most successful people in life are not ‘go getters’, they are ‘go givers’, they always hold out the hand of co-operation and ask, “How can I help you achieve your goals?” As they empower others with their encouragement, they empower themselves with their own energy and, in time, this is magnified by the blessings of others which come back in return. The one thing that kills this positive exchange of energy within our relationships is competition.

Exercise: Write down all the advantages and then all the disadvantages of competition. Reflect (think) on the meaning of the words you used to answer the above e.g. if you wrote down ‘competition creates progress’ in the advantages column, what do you mean by progress? Have a competitive conversation with someone tomorrow and then go and ask yourself if it was really satisfying, empowering (strengthening) and beneficial?


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