Breaking The Hold Of Routine

Recognize your routines. Check your entire week. What spaces or moments do you have in the entire week when you do not have a responsibility to work or family? What are the habits or hobbies that you indulge in those moments? What experiments can you do to see how you might change these habits and do something different in those moments?

Question the living patterns of your week. How much of your time is spent ordinarily because there is a lack of eagerness to do something different? Are you learning from each day? Does each day hold any moments of special importance, such as keeping a promise to yourself or to another?

Prioritize the things that fulfill you most. Do you have any unrealized hopes or promises? These may be simple things, like finding time to visit an old friend, reading a good book on positivity or spirituality, visiting a welfare organization or serving people in some other positive ways, meditation etc. Include them in the daily pattern.


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