Self Realization

Most of us are taught to believe we are our physical forms, and so we identify with our body or the labels we give to our bodies such as nationality, race, gender, profession etc. This wrong sense of self is what creates emotions of fear, anger and sadness in life. From a spiritual point of view these ‘unnatural’ emotions are always the result of ego (identifying oneself wrongly), which then blocks access to our true original nature, which is peaceful, loving and joyful.

If we identify ourselves correctly (as souls), we are spiritually empowered (strengthened) and then we are not affected by the obstacles (barriers) that come our way – we are able to use our spiritual power to accept and move on. We are able to remain stable in the middle of negative situations. In effect we are using our inner strength, which is only released and used when we know who and what we are, and then using that strength in the right way, in the right place at the right time.


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