Temper Tantrums

Habits go deep. It’s been estimated that eighty percent of our lives are lived by habit. That means somewhere in the past we learned to become easily upset or angry. Perhaps we were influenced by our parents, perhaps we picked up the habit from some friends at school. Just as we may have enjoyed playing with toys as a child, or placing pieces into our jigsaw puzzle, we built a place for short temper into our temperament . From there it grew into one of our prized habits. If so, now is the time to dismantle , break apart and rebuild our temperament or our personality. It’s much easier than we think and does not require specialist help. It requires only our interest, some understanding and the intention to change how we respond to the world around us. Never believe anyone who says, “I can’t change… I’ve been always been like this…. this is the personality I was born with.” We didn’t inherit our current personality from our parents, we acquired it as we grew up.


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