A Day of Silence – The True Retreat

Silence is the true retreat. It is a way of treating the self and others again and again to the healing qualities of stillness. Just as a still lake becomes a mirror to reflect the beauty of nature, silence reveals the beauty of our original nature. Such silence becomes both a physical and mental healing, the result is coolness and serenity.

Silence is not just a discipline for the soul. It is a very natural stimulating and refreshing state. Silence prevents loss of physical and mental power through fast activity. When the intellect races, the body follows.

Great internal happiness comes to the soul interested in the virtue of introversion. Silence gives such clarity to thought. In this, the “level of surrender” can be seen and how much egolessness has been inculcated. In silence there is an increase in the power of purity – energy is stored in the soul.

In Silence it becomes clear that Maya – body consciousness – is something foreign to me. Maya can be seen to be past falsehood, presenting itself in the clothing of truth. When we are involved we cannot see. So we can’t stand back far enough to view Maya, and thus recognise body consciousness for what it is.
In silence, we can monitor accurately, the effect of each look, each thought, every gesture, every word and the motivation in each action. Also reactions, attractions, repulsions can be noted more clearly and dealt with. The soul then desires to develop one vision for all souls.